Van Rental Shah Alam

Van Rental Shah Alam

We often see ads / banner hangers / handouts of rental cars around Shah Alam, but very rarely do we see shah nature commercials and their similarities. This is likely the demand for rental van services is still lower in Shah Alam compared to the car rental business that has been based in Shah Alam as early as 2000 or earlier. This is evidenced by the intense competition between rental car owners, both online and offline.

For example, the Shah Alam area with the most rental car business is the Section 7 Shah Alam area. In 2019 there are almost 10 rental car companies operating car rental services covering areas around Shah Alam. This figure does not apply to individuals / individuals who are in the same business as the van rental shah alam business. This shows that car rental business in Shah Alam has always been in high demand and has continued to this day.


Google Search Van Rental Shah Alam

Admins want to say here, Google Search search data for nature rental van is 100 – 1000 searches a month. This is approximately 6-10 individuals / companies searching for this rental van service within 1 day. Isn’t this a rental van business ??? Almost every day there are people looking for rental van services to meet their daily work needs. Based on admin observations through data from other Google Search and Network searches, there are rental van operators who use Google Ads advertising (formerly known as Google Adwords), a paid advertising platform provided by Google.

The opponent for Google Ads advertising is SEO. Through these Google Ads shah nature renters will advertise their van rental shah alam business in the top 10 @ first page Google. Google Ads paid ad concept is simply “highest bid highest rank” @ anyone pays the BID the most, their business ad will be in the top search rankings of /


Google Ads For Van Rental Shah Alam Business

Google Ads or previously known as ‘Google Adwords’. Google Ads paid advertising is becoming increasingly popular, especially for business owners. These Google Ads can help business owners get sales in a very short and fast time if all of their settings are accurate. This Google Ads Advertising will generate sales through every click that results, as a result of business / product searches by users who use Google.

Creating a Google Ads account is easy and it’s Free, it can use a Gmail account. But in order for Google Ads to work the way we want it to, it requires specialized knowledge, experience and technical skills. Incorrect settings will cause the owner of the van rental shah alam business to suffer a huge loss as these Google Ads are topup amount and every click that comes from it will reduce the credit balance of the Google Ads account owner. Therefore, the owner of this Google Ads account needs to create the most accurate and optimal settings to allow each click to generate sales.


Keyword Bid Value For Van Rental Shah Alam Market

The details of bid data for this keyword / keyword search van can be found through your Google Ads account where it shows the value of that search. The higher the value of the keyword bid, the higher the online competition for the business involved. For example, the real estate rental van market is much higher in demand than the top real estate rental van. One of the reasons for this is the shortage of rental car operators in the Puncak Alam area compared to the Shah Alam area where the rental van business has been growing and so on. Another factor is the population density. More and more residents are increasing demand for van rental shah alam businesses.

Through Google Ads, we are also able to see trends in how competition is happening online, and rental van entrepreneurs will certainly try to put the link / website / blog / etc at the top of Google search. The concept of keyword bid is easy to understand, the highest bid & lowest bid. Whoever wins the highest bid, he will sit in the top Google rankings once. So when a customer searches for a rental van through a Google search, the top link will surely be found in advance of the link-rental van competitor with the lowest bid rate and this is where sales are likely to occur.


SEO – An Alternative To Advertising Van Rental Shah Alam Online

For rental van entrepreneurs out there especially in Shah Alam, online marketing platforms are very important besides offline marketing such as banner / bunting / flyers and so on. For rental van entrepreneurs with huge marketing funds, it’s no wonder they are more likely to use Google Ads as their online marketing medium. This is because the result is fast and does not take longer than SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It only takes 5 minutes for their link / website / blog / FB to appear in the top Google rankings.

But SEO also plays an important role in the world of online marketing. This is because SEO is also able to rank the business website among the top rankings on Google. It’s just that the SEO process takes so long and various factors need to be taken into account. Generally the webmaster or website designer of the van rental shah alam will work on the SEO Score to improve web visibility on Google’s search engine. This SEO work will continue as long as the rental van business exists. And once the website is optimized, it can rank in the top of Google and sales will certainly take place here.


Alternative Online Marketing Platform For Van Rental Shah Alam Business

In addition to the Google Ads and SEO online marketing platforms, there are many other online marketing methods that can be used by area rental van entrepreneurs. For example, using Instagram users can advertise their rental van through this social media plafform. Through Instagram, rental van operators can display the type, price of a rental van to make it easier for rental van customers to make choices and bookings. In addition, rental car operators especially in Shah Alam can use social media platform Twitter. The platform is also able to market rental van ads online and has a follower function where followers can find out all the latest information / information directly from their smartphone.

In addition to social media platforms, van rental shah alam owners can use advertising websites such as, carousell, and the like to advertise their rental van business. The ads shown are targeted where they can be set up exclusively for the people of the Shah Alam area.


Van Rental Shah Alam For RM160 / Day *

But what about the customers who want to roam around Shah Alam City and its surrounding areas? It’s best to ride in a car or a van. If they are having difficulty driving their own vehicle, then the right choice is to rent a car or rental van. For example, with a rental van, guests can enjoy a comfortable trip and visit interesting places in Shah Alam. Nowadays people love to rent a rental van because it is so easy to find with cheap rental van rates. However, there may be concerns about prices that may be expensive. Got a van rental in Shah Alam that offers cheap prices?

Yes, there is! And it’s true. The price of van rental shah alam that DNZ offers is as low as RM160 per day. This is subject to monthly and upfront rentals only. It’s equivalent to RM4,800 / month. If a customer wants to rent for 1 day, the rental rate is RM380 per day. The rental rates offered are cheap and affordable with free delivery of rental vans around the area. Our rental van operation center is located in Section 13 Shah Alam near Shah Alam Stadium. The location is convenient and accessible via the North-South road network and has public transport facilities such as buses, taxis, LRTs and more.


Van Rental Toyota Hiace In Shah Alam

Already one of the best-selling commercial vans in Malaysia, UMW Toyota introduced the upgraded van Hiace and improved its capabilities in 2015 by focusing on safety features. The 2015 Toyota Hiace is upgraded with new safety features, including electronic stability control. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) Control (TRC) and Start Assisted Control (HAC) safety suites are reserved for High Roof Window Van variants only. Priced at RM102,600 for the 2.7-liter petrol version and RM109,600 for the 2.5-liter turbodiesel, The Hiace Window Van also gets the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS). Having 2 airbags and a three-point seat belt (for all 10 passengers in the Van) is standard on the Hiace, as is the rear sensor.

Toyota-branded window films and portable pumps are offered as an optional extra. Three-year or 100,000 year warranties are offered on all models. So it is no surprise that this van is one of the most popular models of van rental shah alam for Shah Alam residents. Therefore, our nature rental van company provides 5 units of this type of rental van to meet demand. Demand from corporations / companies have greatly helped the business of this rental van grow further.


Van Rental Nissan Urvan Area Shah Alam

In addition to the Toyota Hiace rental van, another model that also has demand for locals in Shah Alam is the Nissan Urvan. The Nissan NV350 Urvan Facelif was first introduced in Malaysia in 2014, and is a 14-seat driver – featuring some cosmetic changes as part of minor improvements. Exterior reviews include a new V-motion signature front grille and redesigned front bumper and redesigned headlights.

Inside, Urvan gets a new steering wheel, which the company says adds a modern touch to the cabin. Otherwise, the EEV certified microbus continues as before – no mechanical changes to the powertrain and drivetrain combo, a turbocharged 2.5-liter YD25DDTi with a five-speed manual transmission. This modified NV350 roof comes with features introduced in September last year, in this case a manual for light, compliant speed accelerator ECE R89 to comply with Malaysia’s speed limit rule of 100 km / h for passenger vehicles with more than 12 chairs and fuel caps with locks (in compliance with ECE rule R34). Standard safety items include brake assistance and ABS. Imported from Japan as before, the Nissan NV350 Urvan facelift is priced at RM125,000 (on the road, without insurance) and comes with a five-year or 150,000 km warranty for individual and company registration. Due to the above features, our van rental shah alam company also provides some of these rental van units for the convenience of Shah Alam residents and the surrounding area.


An Interesting Place For Van Rental Customers Who Visit Shah Alam

For those who visit Shah Alam, they must have planned to go to some interesting places around Shah Alam. Some of the most interesting places in Shah Alam to visit include:

Bandar Bercahaya I-city Seksyen 7

Muzium Negeri

Taman Botani Negara Bukit Cerakah Seksyen 8

Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz

Laman Seni 7 Shah Alam

Uptown Shah Alam Seksyen 24

Taman Tasik Shah Alam Seksyen 2

Shah Alam Extreme Park Sekysen 13

Skytrex Shah Alam

Laman Budaya, Galeri Shah Alam

Taman Tema Air Wet World


In addition to the list above, there are many more interesting places for anyone wishing to visit Shah Alam City or better known as ‘Anggerik City’. Don’t worry about your temporary accommodation! Hotel facilities, homestays are also conveniently located around the Shah Alam area. The prices offered are affordable and affordable. For those looking to find temporary accommodation, you can contact our van rental shah alam crew for a list of hotel or homestay owners nearby.

Best & Tasty Dining For Van Rental Around Shah Alam Area

It is very fortunate for people living in Shah Alam as there are so many good, tasty and reasonably priced eateries. The majority of those living in Shah Alam are Malays. There are many restaurants, cafés, and even shops serving Malay food or cuisine. However, besides Malay cuisine, western cuisine is also available around the Shah Alam area for those who love western cuisine. For those who come to Shah Alam, of course they want to try the best cuisine or food available here. Here admins of shah alam rental van will list among the BEST eateries that are always the choice of van rental shah alam staff around Shah Alam:

Nasi Pecal Lele / Ayam Penyet Padang Jawa

Restoran Aidania Seksyen 7 Shah Alam

Restoran Mak Uda Selera Timur TTDI Jaya Shah Alam

Restoran Temerloh Dataran Otomobil Seksyen 15 Shah Alam

Polperro Steak House Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

Mozer’s Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam

Restoran Island  BBQ Steamboat Kampung Melayu Subang

Nasi Lemak CIAST Seksyen 19 Shah Alam

Restoran Soto Seksyen 8 Shah Alam

Ani Sup Utara Seksyen 2 Shah Alam


Customer Testimonials of Shah Alam Van Rental

Certainly the satisfaction of our customers using our rental van service is very important. This can help the rental car business in Shah Alam grow. In addition, it can also enhance the DNZ brand in the eyes of rental and car users within the Shah Alam area and beyond. Below are some of the feedback we received from customers of the nature rental van who are generally satisfied with van rental shah alam service.

Van Rental Shah Alam Service

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